Week of November 3-7

The time is just flying by for this school year. First quarter has completed and we have begun the third week of second quarter. Report cards are being sent home this week (Mrs. Bunker’s went home last Friday), as well as the SAGE testing results for last year.

You should also be receiving your parent username and passwords that give you access to your student’s Powerschool grades. Due to many unforeseen challenges that are being worked through with our new standards-based grading, we will again be using the Powerschool grading system for major assignments and tests for the time being. If you have any questions, please email or talk to your child’s teacher.

We will no longer be rotating for reading during the school day. This decision was made for a variety of reasons, including individual student needs and scheduling conflicts. We will continue to rotate for math, science, and social studies.

You should be seeing your child’s small math assignment book and planner coming home every night. Checking them each evening will ensure you know what is going on in class, as well as how they are coming on their mastery of math concepts.

On Tuesday, November 11, we will be performing at the Veterans’ Memorial Ceremony at the Veterans’ Memorial Park (located to the East of 200 N). The students will be completing an assignment that morning as well as performing the Armed Forces Medley during the ceremony. We will leave at 9:15 and return shortly before lunch. The ceremony begins at 10:00. The students need to wear patriotic colors (red, white, or blue) on top and nice jeans (blue or black).  We welcome any parents who would like to join us that day.

The annual 5th grade Maturation Program will be held on Friday, December 5 at 2:00pm. Girls and their parent(s) will be meeting in the library, while boys and their parent(s) will meet in Mrs. Bunker’s classroom (Room 18). It usually lasts about 70-80 minutes.

What’s happening this week?

Math: Topic 4- Multiplying Decimal is the topic that we are starting this week.

Reading: We will be reading a story called Across the Wide Dark Sea

Social Studies: finishing up, reviewing, and testing the Early Explorers and Colonization Unit


Focus Skill- able/ible suffixes. When a word has a base that can stand alone use able. If the first part of the word cannot stand alone, use ible.


  1. understandable        2. terrible
  2. horrible                      4. laughable
  3. lovable                        6. agreeable
  4. legible                         8. edible
  5. possible                      10. available
  6. unforgetable             12. invisible
  7. noticeable                  14. changeable
  8. manageable               16. knight
  9. night                            18. wail
  10. whale                           20. while
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