Week of November 10-14

On Tuesday, November 11, we will be performing at the Veterans’ Memorial Ceremony at the Veterans’ Memorial Park (located to the East of 200 N). The students will be completing an assignment that morning as well as performing the Armed Forces Medley during the ceremony. We will leave at 9:15 and return shortly before lunch. The ceremony begins at 10:00. The students need to wear patriotic colors (red, white, or blue) on top and nice jeans (blue or black).  We welcome any parents who would like to join us that day.

You should be seeing your child’s small math assignment book and planner coming home every night. Checking them each evening will ensure you know what is going on in class, as well as how they are coming on their mastery of math concepts.

The annual 5th grade Maturation Program will be held on Friday, December 5 at 2:00pm. Girls and their parent(s) will be meeting in the library, while boys and their parent(s) will meet in Mrs. Bunker’s classroom (Room 18). It usually lasts about 70-80 minutes.

What’s happening this week?

Math: Topic 4- Multiplying Decimals

Reading: We will be comparing and contrasting stories about the Mayflower Voyage and Pilgrims

Science: States of matter and atoms

Social Studies:  The beginning of the American Revolution

Spelling: Focus- The San Fransisco Zoo Rule (when a word or syllable ends in s, f, or z, it is usually doubled)

  1. jazz
  2. fizz
  3. class
  4. grass
  5. staff
  6. bossy
  7. miss
  8. kiss
  9. buff
  10. buzz
  11. caress
  12. bless
  13. huff
  14. off
  15. chess
  16. to
  17. too (also)
  18. two (a number)
  19. picture
  20. pitcher
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