Week of Nov. 17-21

You should be seeing your child’s small math assignment book and planner coming home every night. Checking them each evening will ensure you know what is going on in class, as well as how they are coming on their mastery of math concepts.

Thanksgiving Break: November 26-30.  We hope that everyone enjoys the holiday and being with their families.

The annual 5th grade Maturation Program will be held on Friday, December 5 at 2:00pm. Girls and their parent(s) will be meeting in the library, while boys and their parent(s) will meet in Mrs. Bunker’s classroom (Room 18). It usually lasts about 70-80 minutes.

We will be creating a Santa’s Village in our classrooms again this year.  This project involves engineering skills that ties into our science curriculum on electricity.  Each student will be assigned a specific structure (toy shop, bakery, stables, etc) and will need to engineer and decorate a building to match his/her theme.  They will also need to build a simple electrical circuit (using a battery, light bulb, wire, and a paper clip) to allow the structure to light up.  The majority of this project will need to be done at home.  The students will be given the assignment details and individual themes after we return from Thanksgiving Break.

Mrs. Bunker’s class will be performing their play: The Best Christmas Pageant Ever on Tuesday, December 16 at 5:30 in the gym.

Christmas Break: December 20-January 4

What’s happening in 5th grade this week:

Math– Multiplying and Dividing Decimals (finishing topic 4 and beginning topic 5)

Reading– Fiction and Nonfiction readings about the First Thanksgiving and the Mayflower Voyage

Science– Physical and chemical changes in matter

Social Studies– American Revolution

Spelling– Thanksgiving Theme

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. parade
  3. pilgrim
  4. Native Americans
  5. Wampanoag
  6. feast
  7. turkey
  8. cranberries
  9. tradition
  10. celebration
  11. potatoes
  12. potato
  13. ceremony
  14. Mayflower
  15. uncles
  16. harvest
  17. gratitude
  18. relatives
  19. aunts
  20. cousins

Challenge Words

  1. Plymouth
  2. Massachusetts
  3. endeavor
  4. tribulations
  5. neighbors
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