Week of February 1-5

It’s SEP week!  We are excited to meet with all of our students and parents throughout the course of the week.  The students have been working hard and we have a lot to share and celebrate.  If you cannot attend your scheduled meeting, please contact your child’s teacher to set up a new date/time.  It is very important that we meet with each student and parent.  Part of this meeting will be registering for middle school.  We will also be discussing several new items that will begin in both classrooms such as spelling lists, new homework expectations, SAGE results, and planners.

School will dismiss at 2:25pm all week, including Wednesday. 

What are we studying this week:

Math- Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Language Arts- The Adventures of Don Quixote (CKLA Unit 5)

Social Studies- Finishing the American Revolution

Spelling- Unit 5 of our CKLA program once again has a spelling component.  Throughout the unit there will be 2 spelling lists.  Here are the words for both lists:

List 1:

1. adventure

2. armor

3. courage

4. disguise

5. enchanted

6. imagination

7. knighthood

8. nonsense

9. ordinary

10. squire

List 2:

  1. drowsiness
  2. friendliness
  3. greatness
  4. steadiness
  5. attract
  6. distract
  1. extract
  2. tractor
  3. evacuate
  4. vacancy
  5. vaccinate
  6. vacuum
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