Week of January 18-22

It’s SPACE DAYS!!  This week is our quarterly theme days.  Students who have completed all the required work throughout the 2nd quarter will be learning all about space.  Today, we learned about boost, lift, thrust, and weight as we engineered balloon rockets and launched them across the classroom.  Over the rest of the week, we will be exploring outer space even more.  Students who haven’t completed all of their work are being given the opportunity to complete as much of their work as possible before we finalize grades for the 2nd quarter.

There will be no homework packet for this week.  Instead, we are asking that the students focus on finishing their science fair projects for the science fair, which is next Tuesday, January 26.  Display boards are available to purchase at the office.  Parents and family are welcome to walk through the  science fair from 2-3pm that afternoon.

The annual spelling bee will be held in February.  If your child is interested in participating have them notify their teacher.  Here are the lists:

District Spelling Word List

4th & 5th Grade Challenge Word List

We will be taking the SAGE Interim tests again next week.  Please make sure that your child brings a pair of headphones or earbuds and is present everyday, on-time for the whole day.  Thank you!

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held during the week of February 1-5.  Look for a schedule to be coming home with your child by the end of the week.  School will dismiss at 2:30 every day that week, including Wednesday.  We look forward to meeting with you and your child.

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Week of January 11-15

What’s happening this week:

Math- math groups are going well!   We are getting positive feedback from the students.  They are feeling less stressed and enjoying math more than before.

CKLA- we are finishing up unit 4: contemporary fiction.

Homework Packet 14 is due on Friday.


We will be having our quarterly Theme Days next week.  We are keeping the theme a surprise until Tuesday.  If you are willing and able to send in supplies to help out, please let us know!  There will not be a homework packet during theme days.

Upcoming Events and Information:

Friday, January 15- End of 2nd Quarter

Monday, January 18- NO SCHOOL: Martin Luther King Day

Tuesday, January 26- 5th grade Science Fair- please remember that this is a required assignment.

Monday, January 25-Friday, January 29: Winter SAGE Interim Testing

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Week of January 4-8

Welcome Back!!

We hope you enjoyed your winter break as much as we did!  We are excited to get back into the swing of things here at school.  This begins the second half of the school year.  The first half of the year is spent reviewing, practicing, and getting the hang of 5th grade.  The second half of the year, our focus switches to getting ready and prepared for middle school.  You and your child will probably notice several changes in the upcoming weeks.

One of the changes we will make is rotating for math instruction.  Starting this week, Mrs. Bunker and Mrs. Adams will be grouping the students based on several factors (data from tests and assignments, classroom observations, etc), and splitting into groups for  more differentiated math instruction.  Your student may remain with their current teacher, or could be assigned to the opposite teacher.  This will only be for math instruction and will allow us to meet the needs and various support levels required by all of our students.

What are we learning about this week?

Math- basic fractions

CKLA- unit 4: contemporary fiction.  This unit is composed of edited excerpts from the novel The House on Mango Street  by Sandra Cisneros.  The content of the actual novel is very mature.  PLEASE do NOT allow your child to check it out of the city library or access it online.

Science/Social Studies: beginning our STEAM unit on the American Revolution

Homework Packet 13 will be due Friday!


Remember, the 5th grade science/engineering fair is Tuesday, January 26th.  It is mandatory for all 5th graders to participate.


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Week of December 14-18

Welcome to a snowy, white week!  This is our last week of school for the 2015 year.  Where has it gone?  School finishes this Friday, December 18 and resumes again on Monday, January 4.  Please remember that the doors of the school will not open until 8:30am.

This week we will be finishing up several activities and projects.  We will be testing Math Topic 5: Dividing Decimals, researching and writing a compare/contrast essay, and finishing our poetry projects.  This is a busy and fun week.  Homework packet 12 is due on Friday.  Homework Packet 12

The only homework your child will have over the Christmas Break will be missing assignments.  Second quarter ends 2 weeks after we return, on January 15.

We wish you all a safe and enjoyable break!  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   See you in 2016!

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Week of December 7-11

We want to give a big shout out and pat on the back to all of the students who turned in STEAM projects this week.  What amazing projects and presentations!!  Great job, guys!!!

With the close of the first STEAM projects, homework packets are back in play.  Homework packet 11 was sent home on Friday, December 4 and will be due this Friday, December 11.  Here is an electronic copy of that packet: Homework Packet 11

This week we will be finishing up our current GoMath and CKLA units and completing the unit tests.  Then we will be focusing on applying the skills we have been learning through several holiday themed projects and activities.  We will start unit 5 in GoMath (dividing decimals), which is a short unit.  We hope to finish it before the Christmas Break.  We are also beginning the American Revolution, which is our second STEAM unit.

Upcoming Events and Important Information:

Friday, December 11- Mini Mall

December 21-January 3: Christmas Break

January 13- End of 2nd Quarter

NOTICE TO ALL PARENTS: Beginning Monday, January 4, 2016, the outside doors at North Elementary will be locked until 8:30 am.  There is no supervision provided by school personnel until that time.  Please make the proper arrangements for your child to arrive after that time.  This will not affect bus or breakfast schedules.  Thank you!  Please make sure that your child is to school between 8:30-8:50.  School begins right at 8:55 am.

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Week of Nov 30 – Dec 4

Welcome back!  We hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!!

REMEMBER: STEAM projects are due this Wednesday, December 2!!!  STEAMofExplorationCulminatingProjectOptions

This week we are:

Math- continuing our work on multiplying decimals.  We will finish this unit up and test next week.

CKLA- we are wrapping up our poetry unit and will be testing on it early next week.  After that, we will be working on our compare and contrasting skills, as well as writing our own poetry.  We will not start the next CKLA unit until after the Christmas Vacation.

Upcoming Events and Important Information:

Homework packets will start again next week.  They will be available on Friday this week to pick up.

Dec. 2- STEAM of Exploration Projects Due- Presentations in class that day

Dec. 11- Mini Mall

Dec. 21-Jan. 3- Christmas Break- No School

Jan. 15- End of 2nd Quarter

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Week of November 16-20

Final project options and explanations for the Explorer’s unit were handed out last week.  Because these projects must be done at home, they will take the place of the usual homework packets for the next 2 weeks.  Please ask your child about their plans for this project.  The project will be due on Wednesday, December 2.  Here is a copy of the instructions: STEAMofExplorationCulminatingProjectOptions

What’s happening this week:

Math- We are starting Topic 4: Multiplying Decimals.

CKLA- Poetry

Glass Project- Mrs. Bunker’s class will be participating in an exciting glass making project.  They will be creating works of art using glass.

Explorer’s Simulation- Mrs. Adams’ class will be experiencing what life was like as an early explorer as they “sail the seas”.  They will face all types of scenarios that happen on the open seas, have to work as ships to face hazards, make decisions, and discover new worlds.

Homework: The STEAM of Exploration Final Project (details and handout above)

Upcoming Events:

November 20: Science fair proposals due

November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break- No school

December 2: Final projects due

December 11: Mini Mall

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Week of November 9-13

Don’t forget about our field trips this week!  We will be walking (probably in the snow) to SUU Tuesday afternoon to listen to a STEM engineer.  It will be cold, so please make sure your child dresses warm and wears good walking shoes.  On Wednesday, we will take a bus up to the Veteran’s Memorial Park.  The students will be exploring and learning about the people who fought during this country’s history, and have the opportunity to meet some real-life veterans.  Due to a scheduling conflict, we will be returning to the school at 10:20am.  We welcome any parents who would like to join us at the Veteran’s Memorial Park.

What’s happening this week:

Math- Finishing topic 3: adding and subtracting decimals.  Math test on Thursday!

CKLA- Poetry

Science/Social Studies- Finishing our exploration unit.  Final Project Assignment will be explained and assigned.  Due on December 2.

Homework: Homework Packet 10

As we are finishing up our Exploration Unit, the students will be assigned a Final Project.  They will have 2 weeks to complete the project, which needs to be completed at home.  Because this is an at-home project, we will not be sending homework packets home during the next 2 weeks.  This project will serve as their homework instead.  If you would like a sneak peek at the project description, here it is: STEAMofExplorationCulminatingProjectOptions

Upcoming Events:

November 25-29- Thanksgiving Break, No School

December 2- Exploration Projects DUE

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Week of November 2-6

The annual 5th grade Maturation Program is this Friday, November 6 at 2:00 pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

This week in we will be learning about:

Math: Adding and Subtracting Decimals (Topic 3)

CKLA:  Finishing up Unit 2: Early American Civilizations and starting Unit 3: Poetry

Spelling: Same words as last week, test on Tuesday!!

HomeworkHomework Packet 9

Quarter 1 Final Grade Reports will be sent home on Monday.

Polar Expeditions start this week!  We are excited to have the students participating in these fun and engaging experiences.  They will take place on Wednesday afternoons from 12:30-1:15 for the next 4 weeks.

Upcoming Events:

We have 2 field trips coming up next week.  On Tuesday, November 10, we will be walking over to SUU in the afternoon to listen to a gentlemen present on STEM Engineering.  On Wednesday, November 11, we will walk up to the Veteran’s Memorial Park.  We welcome any parent chaperones who would like to join us that morning.  More information and a permission slip will be coming home soon.

Any entries for the Reflections contest are due by Friday, November 13.  Entry forms are available in the office for those who are interested in completing a project.

Science Fair Project Proposals are due soon!  Be thinking about what project you will be completing this year.  More information and a solid deadline coming soon.

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Week of October 26-30

Wow! What a whirlwind week we just had!  Harry Potter Days was a blast!  Our students who attended had a ton of fun and were constantly busy.  We studied 3 of our science core topics, engineered boats that could successfully float carrying weight, and so much more.  Several of our students also had the chance to catch up and finish their first quarter work.  A huge THANK YOU to the many parents who donated supplies and time to help us make this experience memorable for the students.  With the end of theme days, all first quarter work is now finished.  We will be updating Powerschool and sending 1st quarter grade printouts home soon.

What’s happening in 5th grade this week?

Monday– We will be finishing the SAGE Interim testing.

Math– Starting Topic 3: Adding and Subtracting Decimals

CKLA– Continuing our work on Unit 2: Early American Civilizations

HomeworkHomework Packet 8

Spelling: Test will be next week

  1. irrational
  2. intercept
  3. illegal
  4. international
  5. irresponsible
  6. illegible
  7. intersection
  8. irregular
  9. interaction
  10. illogical
  11. irreplaceable
  12. intercede

This week is Red Ribbon Week.  A flyer was sent home with students describing several of the activities happening throughout the week.  Here is a recap of some of those activities:

Monday– “From Head to Toe, I’m Drug Free”- Crazy hair, socks, and shoes day

Tuesday– “We’re Too Bright For Drugs”- Wear Neon Colors day

Wednesday– “Battle Out Drugs” – Wear Camo day

Thursday– “The Power of Blue! The Power of RED!”- Wear all North Elementary colors or all Red

Friday– “Drugs Are Scary!”- Wear Halloween Costumes!  Here are the school’s rules about costumes:

With Halloween coming up, please ensure that, if a child chooses to wear a costume on Friday, Oct 30th, s/he must follow these rules:

  1. No blood and gore
  2. No masks
  3. No weapons—not even toy ones.
  4. It must not interfere with the child’s ability to learn (too big to sit at a desk, itchy makeup, etc)
  5. Must not interfere with other children’s ability to learn (can’t see the board, etc.

Please remember that the annual 5th Grade Maturation Program will be held next Friday, November 6 at 2:00 pm.

Reflections entries are due November 13.  Entry forms are available in the office.  The theme is: Let Your Imagination Fly!

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